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RE: Radio DXing question


I can tell you from living in and logging reception in every town in this
area what your realistic chances are:

I can receive WBMX 98.5 pretty clear using a standard cheap antenna. I don't
use an amplified antenna because the class B stations around, (WMAS-FM,
WHYN-FM, and WAQY) all cause rejection problems on my receiver with an
amplifier (Especially at 98.7 and 106.3 for some reason).

WXKS you will have problems with because of the atmospheric conditions. You
may have luck if you live closer to Ludlow, but as the weather changes,
Kiss108 will become WEBE108 WEBE in Westport CT.

WBCN you will not be able to receive at all, no matter how good of an
antenna you have, unless you live very close to a south facing hill. WMRQ,
which is also on 104.1, comes in around -20db and 0db depending on where you
are, and that is strong enough to wipe away any chance of a co channel
station 95 miles away. But then again, your location, with a directional!
rooftop antenna you could have a decent shot at it.

My suggestion again , is don't by a fancy antenna at radio shack, as you
don't get what you pay for. They have a cheap set top model that works as
good as the best set top model (In fact I like the cheaper one better
because it actually has rabbit ears and is adjustable). if you want to get
amplification, buy a separate amplifier, connect it and try it. If it
doesn't work the way you want, or you have problems, you can always return
it to the shack!

Good Luck


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> im trying to basically get Kiss 108, Mix 98.5 and WBCN. I saw a
> nice looking
> one that said "AM/FM/TV Amplified Antenna" yesterday @ radio
> schack for like
> $20.. i dunno, is that good or not??