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RE: Radio DXing question

The $20 Radio Shack amplified antenna isn't likely to be very good. In some
cases you're a lot better off with a simple twin-lead FM dipole than these
amplified FM antennas. Even the $60 ones don't work very well in general I
have found.

I *HATE* to say it, but when it comes to antennas, there's no free lunch. If
you really want to pick up Kiss 108 and WBCN and what not, and really want
to do FM DX in general, the nothing beats an FM band outdoor yagi, along
with a rotator.

As for AM you I agree with Dan, you really can't beat the GE Superradio III.
It is available from various dealers on the Web, and it seems to be priced
between $60 and $65.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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im trying to basically get Kiss 108, Mix 98.5 and WBCN. I saw a nice looking
one that said "AM/FM/TV Amplified Antenna" yesterday @ radio schack for like
$20.. i dunno, is that good or not??