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Re: Radio DXing question

Quite a while back I started using a power FM antenna (Archer
15-1821A).  (Resembles the starship Enterprise...what can I say, the
new season is almost upon us.)

It has an analog FM tuning knob that does a decent job fine-tuning a
distant signal.  IIRC, it wasn't a big investment.  Downside is if you
click all over the dial and need to retune the antenna.

Bill O'Neill

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> The $20 Radio Shack amplified antenna isn't likely to be very good.
In some
> cases you're a lot better off with a simple twin-lead FM dipole than
> amplified FM antennas. Even the $60 ones don't work very well in
general I
> have found.
> I *HATE* to say it, but when it comes to antennas, there's no free
lunch. If
> you really want to pick up Kiss 108 and WBCN and what not, and
really want
> to do FM DX in general, the nothing beats an FM band outdoor yagi,
> with a rotator.
> As for AM you I agree with Dan, you really can't beat the GE
Superradio III.
> It is available from various dealers on the Web, and it seems to be
> between $60 and $65.
> 73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)
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> im trying to basically get Kiss 108, Mix 98.5 and WBCN. I saw a nice
> one that said "AM/FM/TV Amplified Antenna" yesterday @ radio schack
for like
> $20.. i dunno, is that good or not??
> --