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RE: FM reception

This list is supposed to be for New England and new york. We don't care
about weather conditions in Maryland.. we care about what happens here. So,
please, since not many of us know anything about what your talking about..
please don't post it and use up important email space.


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Not a lot to report from the Western Shore, 20-30 miles south of Annapolis.

The usual oldies stations - WBIG, 100.3, Wash DC; WQSR, 105.7, Baltimore,
and WTDK, 106.9 on the Eastern Shore - have been affected by the conditions.
The first two are usually strongest, Oldies 100 more so, and WTDK - The Duck
(honestly, I don't know why they call the station that but then, why call a
minor league team The Shorebirds?) is marginal except within a mile or so of
the coast.   Yesterday, BIG and QSR were fading all over the place while The
Duck came in strong, even with a local-grade signal in some places.

Also a problem is nearby 98 Star (98.3), Lexington Park-Waldorf-Prince
Frederick and somewhere else (legal ID). Some nights it almost undetectable
but lately it has at times been the dominant station.

Cable TV is affected as well. 1 (The Weather Channel) through 14 (Northern
Virginia) are sometimes unviewable during the day hours. 2/Baltimore may as
well not be there, such is the signal degradation at times.


>On the whole, I'd rather be in Great Yarmouth.<