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FM reception

Not a lot to report from the Western Shore, 20-30 miles south of Annapolis.

The usual oldies stations - WBIG, 100.3, Wash DC; WQSR, 105.7, Baltimore,
and WTDK, 106.9 on the Eastern Shore - have been affected by the conditions.
The first two are usually strongest, Oldies 100 more so, and WTDK - The Duck
(honestly, I don't know why they call the station that but then, why call a
minor league team The Shorebirds?) is marginal except within a mile or so of
the coast.   Yesterday, BIG and QSR were fading all over the place while The
Duck came in strong, even with a local-grade signal in some places.

Also a problem is nearby 98 Star (98.3), Lexington Park-Waldorf-Prince
Frederick and somewhere else (legal ID). Some nights it almost undetectable
but lately it has at times been the dominant station.

Cable TV is affected as well. 1 (The Weather Channel) through 14 (Northern
Virginia) are sometimes unviewable during the day hours. 2/Baltimore may as
well not be there, such is the signal degradation at times.


>On the whole, I'd rather be in Great Yarmouth.<