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Two Hudson Valley Station Sales

>From various trades, two notable sales of stations in the northern half of 
the Hudson Valley.

In Albany, Tele-Media is selling their four station cluster. Albany 
Broadcasting picks up Modern AC simulcast 100.9 WCPT and 100.3 WKBE 
(Warrensburg), while Syracuse-based Galxay Communications picks up Soft AC 
94.5 WKLI and News/WKLI simulcast 1400 WABY. This was rumored for a while, 
seeing how Tele-Media had mismanaged the stations (they had dipped to a 
combined rating as low as a 2.9 at one point) and a medium-sized market 
didn't exactly combine in their plan of smaller markets. No word on format 
changes, though expect ones at WCPT/WKBE (which had a 1.4 in the Spring 
ratings 12+) and WABY.

Down in Catskill, Clear Channel buys Concord Media's four stations in 
(standards 560 WCKL, standards 1230 WHUC, oldies 93.5 WZCR, and Hot AC 98.5 
WCTW). The spin on this story at Radio & Records' website hints that 
moribund Poughkeepsie market Rock AC 92.9 WRKW (Saugerties) may be moving in 
with the FM stations as they are more poised to target Kingston and the 
Columbia/Greene county area. Concord Media keeps Poughkeepsie market 94.3 
WBPM, which is LMA'd by CCU (and not LSA'd as many people claim), no word on 
if WBPM's unfocused and dead-on-the-vine Rhythmic Oldies format (the last in 
the region) will keep going.

Jason Bereza
Northeast Radio Guide: http://www.radio-info.com/northeast

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