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MonoChannel Re: Two Hudson Valley Station Sales

> On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Jason Bereza wrote:
> >
> > Down in Catskill, Clear Channel buys Concord Media's four stations
> > (standards 560 WCKL, standards 1230 WHUC, oldies 93.5 WZCR, and
Hot AC 98.5
> > WCTW).
> Didn't CC try this once and got flagged by the FCC for market
> concentration?
> --
> Sven Franklyn Weil

Wouldn't you love to be in on one of those CC strategy sessions?
<harp SFX and cue the organist>
"Let's see, what are we buyin' today, boys?  Give me calls, baby!
Gimme dem CALLS!  Around the table we go, kids.  Hey you, Needleman!
Whatcha got for ME today?  An AM FM combo in the top 100? Two FMers in
the Bible Belt? Do I hear three FMers with a gratis piss-in-the wind
AMer in the submarket?  How about a tower farm?  Work with me baby!
Papa wants a brand new pair of shoes!" <static SFX down/out>

Bill O'Neill