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Re: Playing the radio for the public

--- Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:
 I'll defer to the legals on the list but plead
> 'confused.'  How would
> any radio station object to a situation where it's
> audio is <gasp!>
> heard by people.  Isn't that what it's audio is for,
> or did I miss
> something?

As a practical matter,you're right -- especially if,
in fact, they are not entitled to any fees, etc.
Except, and this, again, is if they had anything to
say about it, I suppose there could be cases in which
a station didn't want to be associated with the
business or maybe with the public controversy over
noise, etc. Do you want your station to be the
"official" station of the local chain of porno stores,
or some such. Well. Never mind. I can think of some
formats where the answer would probably be yes.

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