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Re: Playing the radio for the public

The station would have nothing to say on the matter.  BUT, ASCAP, BMI and
SESAC would expect their quarterly license checks.

Over and above that, most towns prohibit outdoor broadcast of music through
zoning laws.  This also pertains to take-out places calling numbers over an
outdoor PA system, etc.  Usually the law says that if it can be heard at all
beyond the boundry of the business owners property it would be illegal.  So
if this place is playing to "passersby" I would assume it can be heard on a
public sidewalk which would probably be illegal in that town.

-gary f

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Subject: Playing the radio for the public

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> A diner here in Connecticut plays a radio over a PA
> speaker on the outside of its building, to entertain
> passersby. To cut to the chase, some member of the
> public started coplaining that it's unwanted noise,
> etc., and I have a sort of fourth-hand report that
> this person is trying to use a wedge that the station
> has not given permission for this. So, what is the
> legality of a business playing the radio, or TV, in a
> barroom, store, mall, etc., or out to the sidewalk
> passersby? Does a station have any control over this
> if it wants to object?
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