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Re: Playing the radio for the public

Martin writes:
the station
> has not given permission for this. So, what is the
> legality of a business playing the radio, or TV, in a
> barroom, store, mall, etc., or out to the sidewalk
> passersby? Does a station have any control over this
> if it wants to object?

I'll defer to the legals on the list but plead 'confused.'  How would
any radio station object to a situation where it's audio is <gasp!>
heard by people.  Isn't that what it's audio is for, or did I miss

That might explain the minimal callers at 6 a.m. on a cold, dark,
rainy Saturday morning in Lowell, Massachusetts.... <g>

Methinks the complaint comes from anyone _other_ than the station that
is selected.

Bill O'Neill