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Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

The big and multiple tower sites are all spectacular, but some of my favorite sites are not noted, either because they are difficult to access, or way off 
the beaten path.

WABI-TV in Dixmont and WGAN-AM still have signs of the engineer's quarters on site.  WDEA-AM in Surry still has this, and is interesting in that one 
tower is out in the water.

The Empire State building is cool, because you can get fairly close to the 'farm' just above the observation deck, and get a good look at the World 
Trade Center from there as well.  Both of those sites are impressive and yet live a quiet existence above the lam that is NY.  There is a certain thrill to 
gaze upon the button at WTC that will take a couple billion dollars worth of radio & TV stations off the air.

Andy Soule

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