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Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites


Following this thread with great interest, and saw mention of the WBDC
(ex-WFTY, ex-WGSP) tower in Washington, D.C., which is a cool tower in its
own right. In fact, all of the other D.C. TV towers - which are clustered in
the northwest corner of the district, where the ground is highest - make an
impressive "site". They're all self-supporting and, in order from NW to SE,

WDCA's candelabra (which I believe also hosts WETA and WHUT). This is
actually just over the line in Bethesda, Md.
WUSA & WJLA, sharing a tower - with shorter backup adjacent.
WRC - also with shorter backup adjacent.
Lastly, the FM-only tower on the campus of American University, which hosts
WAMU, is located just SW of WRC.

My mother lives in a high-rise building in northern Virginia, and the view
from her balcony, which faces northeast, takes in all of these, including
the WBDC tower, plus these non-TV towers:

WTNT way out near Germantown, Md. Two illuminated towers visible at night (I
think the total array is four towers).
WINX in Rockville. Three short illuminated towers visible at night. (I know
the calls have changed but it will always be WINX to me.)
WMDO in Wheaton. One tower, illuminated and visible at night.
WTOP, also in Wheaton. Three illuminated towers, visible at night.
WWDC in Silver Spring. FM tower is visible day and night, but short AM
towers aren't visible.
WGAY (or is it now WKDV? WKDM?) AM tower, which is illuminated at night - it
is located just off the beltway in S.S.

Is this a tower lover's/DX'ers dream home? I think so. I've done some late
night TV DX'ing when everyone else is asleep, and Philadelphia UHF's -
especially 17 & 29 - are regularly clear enough to not mind watching.

Peter Sherman