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Re: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

I forgot to include in my WKAT post that the building was built around a
courtyard with the tower - maybe the original - in the center. I don't know
what's become of the old building.

Now silent WNLC-AM's studio-office-transmitter site on Foster Road,
Waterford CT had a 6-2 or 8-2 array for 1510. (In all the years I lived
there I never counted the towers, but I think there were eight.) It also had
a cold-war bomb shelter facility built into the side of a small hill a few
hundred feet from the building.

The original tower was on either City Pier or State Pier,  on the Thames
River, New London, when the station op'd on 1490. A couple former WTHT
engineers told me they came down from Hartford to help 'NLC get back on the
air after the '38 hurricane. The transmitter was temporarily inoperative and
they retuned a ham rig that was used for frequencies just above the AM band.
Not the greatest fidelity but it got the station back on the air. There was
an excellent oil painting of that tower; it hung in the lobby at Foster
Road, which I understand is or will soon be gone.


>On the whole, I'd rather be in Great Yarmouth.<