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Re: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

Dan writes:
> I'd bet a nice dinner that this tower had been in use
> from whenever WGY switched from a long-wire to a single
> vertical radiator. My hunch is that tower dates to the
> 1936-1938 era. I believe that Blaw-Knox was still
> selling the diamond towers in the 1936-38 era.

What's WGY's xmtr arrangement now?  I travel ALL over VT, even as far
as Newport and other NE Kingdom areas and it makes it in even with
some interference with 800 at the border.  The southern part of VT,
it's like a local and fairly decent day and night around
Middlebury/Addison County.

While on the subject of WGY, who's the Saturday morning guy?

Bill O'Neill