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Umm, the WKAT post I mentioned...that was to another digest....sorry about

Briefly, I was in Florida in '86-'87 and went to the WKAT studios (then) in
Miami Beach. The second trip was to get photos, nearly two rolls worth, of
which none came out.

The building was built when the station went on the air in '37. Master
Control was still in its original place as was the first transmitter. Open
racks and exposed components were behind a floor to ceiling glass window. It
was still hooked up and on record as the auxiliary transmitter.

Some of the old studios had been turned into offices but had wiring for the
old mic jacks...some had the jacks left in place and could still be used for
studios. In the GM's office was a magnificent mural that chronicled the
station's history. The office had been the main studio during WKAT's
news-talk era.


>On the whole, I'd rather be in Great Yarmouth.<