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RE: WBZ reception is worsening

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> Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 10:14 PM
> Subject: RE: WBZ reception is worsening
> My curiosity is up now: What AM stations, and FM
> stations, around Boston or elsewhere around the area
> other than WBZ have an alternate transmitter site, and
> how much of their regular signal can it produce? What
> bacup facilities are around?

WACM (AM) 1490 West Springfield has a backup next to it's studios on Sylvain
St. in West Springfield. The flag pole tower is the old-former primary
transmitter and is capabile of putting out the full 470 watts. While I am on
WACM, Someone should tell them that their lower flashing beacon has been out
since May on the primary tower on River St. in West Springfield.


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