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RE: WBZ reception is worsening

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001, Martin J. Waters wrote:

> My curiosity is up now: What AM stations, and FM
> stations, around Boston or elsewhere around the area
> other than WBZ have an alternate transmitter site, and
> how much of their regular signal can it produce? What
> bacup facilities are around?

I don't know of any Boston-area AM's with alternate sites except WBZ. AM
sites typically require a lot of land, and land is at a premium around

That said, there's no reason companies with multiple AM sites, such as
Entercom, couldn't develop the capability to back up any station from any
site. But as far as I know they haven't done that. 

As for FM's, Greater Media has back-up transmitters for all its Pru
stations (WBOS, WTKK, WROR, WMJX) at American Tower's Chestnut St., Newton
site. I don't think any other Pru stations have backup sites.

Of the stations using Chestnut St., I believe WBUR maintains its former
site on top of the B.U. Law School as a backup, while WJMN, WODS, WBMX,
and WCRB have no other sites to my knowledge. 

Of the two stations using One Financial Center, WHRB maintains its old
Harvard Square site as a backup, while WERS doesn't have another site to
my knowledge.

WGBH-FM has a construction permit for 350 Cedar St., Needham; I don't know
if they intend to retain the Great Blue Hill site as a backup.

I don't believe WFNX has more than one site (Medford).

I don't know about WQSX, WKLB, WAAF, or WPLM-FM.

Rob Landry