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RE: WBZ reception is worsening

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> Of the stations using Chestnut St., I believe WBUR maintains its former
> site on top of the B.U. Law School as a backup, while WJMN, WODS, WBMX,
> and WCRB have no other sites to my knowledge.

Doesn't WBMX have a two bay backup on the Candleabra about 300' up the

> I don't believe WFNX has more than one site (Medford).

Doesn't WFNX have a backup site at the WLYN tower? Or is that no longer in

> I don't know about WQSX, WKLB, WAAF, or WPLM-FM.

WAAF has a backup on a seperate tower but same site basically up in Paxton.
Same deal with WPLM-FM, which has it's primary on one of the four AM towers,
and backup on another.

Another sites in Mass that uses two sites:

WRNX (100.9 Amherst) in Amherst has a backup transmitter setup on Mt Tom in

WUPE (95.9 Pittsfield) and WBEC-FM (105.5 Pittsfield) both have backups at
their studios.


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