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Re: Liddy

There was some speculation that Liddy was going to Clear Channel Talker WTNT/DC
and be distributed by Premiere, but apparantly thats not going to happen. Since
Premiere is already syndicating Rush, there's really no need to have two right
wing talkers in the same daypart.  Liddy may be waiting out a non-compete in DC
before he makes his next move.  I think either Salem or Talkamerica, which both
specialize in conservative talk programming, will wind up picking up Liddy and
syndicating him to graveyard AM's coast to coast.

Mike Thomas


> Does anyone know what happened on the G. Gordon Liddy show, if it got picked
> up somewhere else? I don't have him in my market but like to tune in
> whenever I catch him out of town. Sad to see Don & Mike being bumped to
> Middays. I liked listening to both these shows through the years. Don and
> Mike used to be in Jacksonville, FL on then-WTLK 106.5 formerly a Clear
> Channel Property. Could of been Paxson then...