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Re: Liddy

Do you mean TalkAmerica (which is what you said) or 
RadioAmerica. RadioAmerica, 1-800-510-8255, definitely 
specializes in conservative talk. As far as I know, 
RadioAmerica and TalkAmerica are not connected with each 
other. (I think RadioAmerica has Ollie North and I know 
they have or did have Blanquita Collum and other hard-
right talkers) I'm sure that TalkAmerica has its share 
of conservtives, but the ones I've heard have not been 
of the hard-right variety. I don't consider Liddy as 
hard-right as North or Collum.
> There was some speculation that Liddy was going to Clear Channel Talker WTNT/DC
> and be distributed by Premiere, but apparantly thats not going to happen. Since
> Premiere is already syndicating Rush, there's really no need to have two right
> wing talkers in the same daypart.  Liddy may be waiting out a non-compete in DC
> before he makes his next move.  I think either Salem or Talkamerica, which both
> specialize in conservative talk programming, will wind up picking up Liddy and
> syndicating him to graveyard AM's coast to coast.
> Mike Thomas