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RE: Liddy

Does anyone know what happened on the G. Gordon Liddy show, if it got picked
up somewhere else? I don't have him in my market but like to tune in
whenever I catch him out of town. Sad to see Don & Mike being bumped to
Middays. I liked listening to both these shows through the years. Don and
Mike used to be in Jacksonville, FL on then-WTLK 106.5 formerly a Clear
Channel Property. Could of been Paxson then...

Ron Gitschier
Jacksonville, FL

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> From:	Dan Billings [SMTP:dib9@gwi.net]
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> Sven:  The Dave Hughes report might be right.  Don & Mike seemed to be
> saying that Liddy had announced that he did not have a deal to go to
> another
> station, which everyone had believed to be the case.