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Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)

If such was a real concern amongst the'majority?' of lawyers, then why don't 
the bad ones (who sue insurance companies for outrageous amounts; which 
DRIVES UP ALL OF OUR insurance rates) get disbarred?  Apparently the Bar 
Associations don't see this is a problem, but rather an unsaid endorsement.

In a message dated 7/2/01 11:25:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
lawyer@attorneyross.com writes:

<< I've come across lawyers whom I suspected were helping their clients 
 concoct a case.  But they are few and far between.  The fact is, clients 
 usually do it quite effectively on their own, and the lawyer can't really 
 tell what's true and what isn't.  We know our clients may be lying to us, 
 but there's usually very little we can do about it.