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Re: Broadcaster arrested in Prostitution Sting

Joe Pappalardo asked:
<<Isn't this the same PD that arrested the morning guy
at WGAN...who later comitted suicide?>>


   just to help you sort this out:  the morning man who 
did indeed take his own life was never arrested.  and at 
the time he took his life, he was the morning man at 
WYNZ AM 970 (Music of Your Life).  he was, at one time, 
the morning man at WGAN, as well as several other 
stations.  he was also a pretty damn nice guy who was 
the victim of never-proven allegations.  nothin' like a 
little reputation-sullying to ruin a day and a life.  as 
one among many who considered this man a friend, i'll 
ask you nicely to not go down this road again.  hope 
that clears up any misconceptions.  
   and out of respect for the man, i'll not include his 
name here.  as one who is very familiar with the 
details, it was a very unfitting ending for his career 
and his life.
   i'm sure the noted barristers on this list can attest 
to the damage that can't be easily undone resulting from 
an unfounded charge.

- -Chuck Igo