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WBZ-AM Sinks to WRKO's Level (at least once)

As I was driving north on Route 128 last night (07/01) I tuned in to
WBZ-AM at about 9:50 pm to get a heads up about the weather in
EsSEX County.  WBZ was running one of those lamentanble program-length
commercials disguised as a talk show one would normally expect to hear
on WRKO on Saturdays.   This particular one was for a mattress pad
dotted with magnets to relieve the pain of arthritis (and possibly
the heartbreak of psoriasis). To give you an idea how disreputable 
this advertiser was, at one point, the guest "expert" cited Lourdes,
France as a place people go to be cured, and he said magnetic readings
there indicated high gauss levels!  Mother of Gawd, what has WBZ

Laurence Glavin

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