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Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)

On 29 Jun 2001,  Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> I submit this as one of the possible reasons why hard-drives are so widely in 
> use. They can be trusted not to file false sex-harassment suits (or any other 
> kind).  So, while a lot of us depsise big corporations as station owners (and 
> such are not my favorite kind, either in such large numbers), keep in mind 
> that such station owners, big & small, often CYA  (or actually CTA) with 
> fewer people and more automation.
> Moral of the story..... blame the lawyers, too.   

Blame the client who filed the false charge.  Don't blame the lawyer for 
believing her.  If I think a client is committing a fraud, I won't be part 
of it.  Even if my own sense of ethics didn't get in the way, the 
disciplinary rules say I can't.  But I owe my clients a certain 
willingness to believe their version of events, even as I try to retain 
enough skepticism to evaluate realistically their chances of success.

Also blame the many people who have engaged in serious sexual harassment, 
so as to trigger the enactment of laws against it.  People file false 
charges of theft, assault and battery, and rape, too, but no one thinks 
those things shouldn't be illegal or blames lawyers for their problems.

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