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Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)


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> << Chuck, I'll resist stealing your lines and suggesting that someone
needs to
>  chill out.
>   >>
> I have a story to tell, which relates to the Dan B and Chuck I.
> Once upon a time, there was a station owner (not me) who was in a quandry
> because his sales manager (a guy) was rather obnoxious and didn't get
> with the secretary (a gal).  He often demanded she get him coffee.  She
> didn't comply. They didn't get along.  He never came on to her.   Besides,
> she was too busy banging the GM.  She pondered: "How can I get rid of the
> sales manager?"  Ah! -How about a sexual harassment suit?   And that 's
> she filed.
> I submit this as one of the possible reasons why hard-drives are so widely
> use. They can be trusted not to file false sex-harassment suits (or any
> kind).  So, while a lot of us depsise big corporations as station owners
> such are not my favorite kind, either in such large numbers), keep in mind
> that such station owners, big & small, often CYA  (or actually CTA) with
> fewer people and more automation.
> Moral of the story..... blame the lawyers, too.
> ---jibguy