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Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)

Bill O asked.  (and i won't ask why he asked...hmmmm)
> Er, Chuck? What were they videotaping?  (If I don't ask, someone's going

In reference to the "video tape"... one can put six (6) hours of emergency
audio on a single videotape.  then one can put the videotape player at the
base of one's transmitter where, when the right amount of wires and duct
tape are applied, the machine will usurp the Studio-To-Transmitter chain
when a small chipmunk notices that there is no sound coming down to the
transmitter from the studio.  The chipmunk will then, McGyver-like, rip the
duct tape off of its little paws, unravel itself from the noose-like cocoon
of electrical wires and then press "Play" on the machine.  that begins a
process in which the videotape, being free of any video, but full of audio,
will play and keep the "station" on the air.
   now, of course, it's all digitally-done.  from what i've been told, the
transmitter sites have a couple of small p.c.'s with maybe a dozen songs
rolling on a continuous loop.  there are a number of fail-safe steps that
will be automatically taken before the transmitter's backup system would now
take over.  and that all depends on whether or not the station chipmunk can
get free of the duct tape in time.

- -Chuck Igo