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RE: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)

The Greaseman was heard to say that sometimes he used to keep a pickle
bucket (5 gal) in the studio when they had little else than those 2:xx songs
way back in the day. Having served on the other side of the glass I'd almost
be inclined to believe him. That's as far as I'll take this....<grin>

And of course what about those times when the Manager forgets to pick up a
pkg of TP??????!!!!!!!! Been there... 'nuff said!

Ron Gitschier

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> From:	Chuck Igo [SMTP:Chuckigo@worldnet.att.net]
> Subject:	Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)
> bill o wrote:
> <<FYI, toughest potty trek had to be at the former
> WSSH studios in Woobin.  Denny's was closer.>>
> Bill,
>   currently:  the trek from the WROR studio to the boys room is lengthy.
> can't really be done during anything by the Beach Boys or the Gentry's.
> even the Stones "Play With Fire" is pushing the envelope.
> - -Chuck (who answers "voodoo" when asked how a radio works) Igo
	That's why they have that five position speaker selector switch in
the men's room there? Isn't it... I have to play the monitor loudly. Not
that I don't anyway. Love that orban 9200 processing into a solid state

	Ron (just throw on a compliation CD) Gitschier