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Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)

bill o wrote:
<<FYI, toughest potty trek had to be at the former
WSSH studios in Woobin.  Denny's was closer.>>


   don't know if the WSSH potty was outside of secured, locked doors, but
both the Pru studios of WVBF/WCLB/WKLB/WROR and those of the Stuart Street
location of WMJX & WCDJ/WBCS/WKLB involved leaving the main area and going
out into the hallway to (hold on, it's coming) access the bathrooms.  each
was a cypher lock.  the one in the Pru was an electric version. (yes, it
failed on occasion)  the manual model in Stuart Street? yep, broke once.
separated from the main section of the door and wouldn't engage the
tumblers.  then we learn AFTER about the silence-sense activated video tape
(with 6 hours of audio) at the transmitter site.
  currently:  the trek from the WROR studio to the boys room is lengthy.
can't really be done during anything by the Beach Boys or the Gentry's.
even the Stones "Play With Fire" is pushing the envelope.

- -Chuck (who answers "voodoo" when asked how a radio works) Igo