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Re: Where's The Line Between Creativity And Crass?

but to simply
> go on the air and say "XXX is dead!" and then wind up on the top of
> heap?  it is, to me, simply a sign that we have either slipped into
> parallel universe or, to loosely quote Al Pacino:
> "...there's something wrong here.  There's something really, really
> wrong..."
> - -Chuck Igo

I think it serves the "talent" by demonstrating to execs. that they
possess the potential to grab a national headline...for whatever
reason.  Businesses with a national focus must need national
attention.  In the world of behavioral psych, however, this is a
classic example of reinforcing a negative behavior.  And any "101"
text will tell you that rewards are designed to, ultimately, increase
that behavior.  All that crap aside, a licensee that knowingly rewards
individuals for reckless actions should share in the damages.

Bill O'Neill