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Where's The Line Between Creativity And Crass?

hmmm.  let me get this straight:
2 Boston radio announcers falsely report the death of a mayor and are
punished by banishment to NYC and now, coast-to-coast syndication.
2 like-talented people, doing nights on a station in Dallas, shift their
obituary focus to the pop world and summarily fired, now suffering the
indignity of a midday talk show in Detroit (for, reportedly, a long term
deal (according to AllAccess)).
so mayhaps Mother was right:  Nice guys finish last.
am i wrong to be puzzled by this?  i've nothing against creativity.  and
i'll not begrudge the fact that anyone can land a big payday.  but to simply
go on the air and say "XXX is dead!" and then wind up on the top of the
heap?  it is, to me, simply a sign that we have either slipped into a
parallel universe or, to loosely quote Al Pacino:
"...there's something wrong here.  There's something really, really

- -Chuck Igo