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Re: Today's LTAR

Speaking of piratres, today I went to a wedding in
Union Square, Somerville, and I had the Red Sox game
on WEEI (850) as I drove. Heard some splatter on
top of 850 as I got off I-93 and tried the harmonic,
1700; sure enough, a foreign-language (Spanish?)
with some sort of preacher. Also some sort of signal
at 1680.

The signal continued strong into Union Square. Talk
about interference--listeners to WEEI in the area
get it from the harmonic of this 1700 pirate.

--- Laurence Glavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:
> The Jibguy today mentioned the AM/FM pirate "north
> of Boston" on
> 1670 and 88.3.  

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