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Today's LTAR

The Jibguy today mentioned the AM/FM pirate "north of Boston" on
1670 and 88.3.  I brought this up about 10 days ago. Yesterday I was
at the shopping center in Methuen called The Loop (even though no
alcoholic beverages are sold there).  It's located in the east
end of Methuen where Rt 213 merges with Rt 495.  The 88.3 operation 
caused a small amount of interference with WMBR 88.1 and WFCR 88.5,
indicating to me that it's in either Lawrence or Haverhill.  The 1670
may be at the same location, but it wasn't as relatively strong so as
to cause splatter on 1660 or 1680. 
If the 88.3 is in either Haverhill or Lawrence, it definitely is a 
hindrance to WBMT-FM 88.3 in Boxford, but that outlet seems to off
for the summer.

Laurence Glavin 

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