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Re: Lou McNally Dismissed

Firing "Altitude Lou" has got to rank right up there with
WCSH's firing of Bob Elliot....just plain S T U P I D!
BTW I agree that Jeanne has over stayed her welcome, she lacks any
credibility in the news sector.  I have watched them sperodically in the
past, and always check Lou's forcast, ( he is usually more accurate then the
new yorker on Newscast6.)  The management seems to be not looking at the
ratings at all there.  John is extremely crediable and should have freedom
to run the news dept w/o management interference.   I alsways thought that
managements job was to hire the best and then sell the time.
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> The management of WMTW have got to be some of the dumbest people in
> broadcast management, and there's a lot of competition in the category.
> Your station is a distant #3 in the market so you dismiss the best known
> member of your staff.  Amazing.
> All the changes at WMTW and they're still a distant third in the market.
> And
> Jeannine Lauber still has a job.  Can anyone explain that?
> I must admit that I have a bias on this subject.  Lou did the weather for
> WCLZ when I did afternoons there from 1988-1990.  He was great to work
> and we always had fun during his live weather reports at 4:40 PM.  We were
> always getting in trouble for talking about things that had nothing to do
> with the weather.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine