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Re: Lou McNally Dismissed

The management of WMTW have got to be some of the dumbest people in
broadcast management, and there's a lot of competition in the category.
Your station is a distant #3 in the market so you dismiss the best known
member of your staff.  Amazing.

All the changes at WMTW and they're still a distant third in the market.
Jeannine Lauber still has a job.  Can anyone explain that?

I must admit that I have a bias on this subject.  Lou did the weather for
WCLZ when I did afternoons there from 1988-1990.  He was great to work with
and we always had fun during his live weather reports at 4:40 PM.  We were
always getting in trouble for talking about things that had nothing to do
with the weather.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine