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Re: Lou McNally Dismissed

Sorry to see him leave. Since I am beyond range of WMTW-TV (Unless I'm
on top of Cadillac Mountain with the portable B&W TV, 
or visiting my folks in NH) I dont get to see him do TV-weather much,
However  he also does weather updates for Maine Public Radio at 6:20 and
7:20AM during Morning Edition. I also enjoy his weather column in the
Maine Sunday Telegram.

Although I have never met Lou, I have always enjoyed  his weather
updates and outlooks, ever since the old days at WBLM in 70's and early
80's when I was stationed in Portland.

Still, as the article mentioned, he does have a weekly show on Maine PBS
TV "Made in Maine" It's a good locally produced program.

Since  he may be over 60, has that got anything to do with his dismissal

" that's the way it looks from here"

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine