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Lou McNally Dismissed

     Let's face it!!  Channel 8, always being a third
tier station when it comes to news, made a big blunder
when they fired "Altitude Lou" McNally this week.  Lou
is a true professional in every sense of the word. 
But he never let it get to his head.  He is a funny
and well rounded person as well.  He is very down to
earth. I had a blast recording the weather forecasts
from Lou at WBET and (the now late) WCAV-FM in
Brockton.  He even made a personal appearance while we
were doing a live remote at "Putt-Putt" at the
Westgate Mall in Brockton one late summer night. He
even played a round as well.
     Channel 8, SHAME ON YOU!

--- Terrence M Wood <tmv207@mediaone.net> wrote:
> Firing "Altitude Lou" has got to rank right up there
> with
> WCSH's firing of Bob Elliot....just plain S T U P I
> D!
> BTW I agree that Jeanne has over stayed her welcome,
> she lacks any
> credibility in the news sector.  I have watched them
> sperodically in the
> past, and always check Lou's forcast, ( he is
> usually more accurate then the
> new yorker on Newscast6.)  The management seems to
> be not looking at the
> ratings at all there.  John is extremely crediable
> and should have freedom
> to run the news dept w/o management interference.  
> I alsways thought that
> managements job was to hire the best and then sell
> the time.
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> From: "Dan Billings" <dib9@gwi.net>
> To: <boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org>
> Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 5:44 PM
> Subject: Re: Lou McNally Dismissed
> > The management of WMTW have got to be some of the
> dumbest people in
> > broadcast management, and there's a lot of
> competition in the category.
> > Your station is a distant #3 in the market so you
> dismiss the best known
> > member of your staff.  Amazing.
> >
> > All the changes at WMTW and they're still a
> distant third in the market.
> > And
> > Jeannine Lauber still has a job.  Can anyone
> explain that?
> >
> > I must admit that I have a bias on this subject. 
> Lou did the weather for
> > WCLZ when I did afternoons there from 1988-1990. 
> He was great to work
> with
> > and we always had fun during his live weather
> reports at 4:40 PM.  We were
> > always getting in trouble for talking about things
> that had nothing to do
> > with the weather.
> >
> > -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
> >

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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