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EAS System

Since the demise of Smooth Jazz in Boston I've taken to listening to various
NAC stations over the web.  The station that I've spent the most time
listening to recently is, ironically, WSJZ out of New Orleans (note the
former Boston calls with former Boston area jock Mark Edwards as PD).  The
station runs live during AM and PM drives and voice tracks the rest of the
time.  The station's two primary jocks have other jobs at the station so
they are on hand during "normal business hours" for special drops and

At 12:06EST today programming was automatically interrupted by an EAS
tornado alert.  After the various chirps, burps and beeps a synthesized
voice came on reading the EAS bulletin, advising affected areas, and giving
instructions.  It actually worked quite well.  This is the first time that
I've actually heard the EAS do something other than a drill.

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