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Re: 'The Point' gets it: Radio station revives more eclectic mix

YES about 3 weeks ago 98.9 did change to a variety format. something which
has turned me away from the station since i dont like what they play now.
98.9 was big into the 80's when they changed a year and a half ago and have
been working away from that mor recently. now 99.9 WMWX (maine's Kiss) has
been playing more 80's and pop it seems) 99.9 has also had a number of all
80's weekends where they play 80's non stop for 48+ hours.

This change made some sense to me since there seemed to be at least 3 (maybe
more)stations in portland 93.1, 98.9 and 99.9 all fighting for the same
market group.

i never listened to WCLZ much so i cant remember what their format was.

Take care

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> I haven't tuned in (and don't live in the area), but
> the article sounds encouraging. Last August I took a
> daytrip to Portland and tuned them in; I had heard
> they had an eclectic music mix but it didn't excite
> me. Now I know why: they had dumped the eclectic stuff
> for more mainstream.
> Well, if I head back up to Portland I'll check them
> out again (or maybe can see if they streamcast).
> Variety, album tracks, local music-- sounds like
> a station for those bored of the conventional!
> --- Dib9@aol.com wrote:
> > The link below will take you to an article that says
> > that WPTN has changed
> > their format to be similar to the format when the
> > station was WCLZ
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