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Re: Globe: Severin live but not local

From: "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com>

> Beam was just getting at 'TKK for using the line
> "live and local", I'd guess.

While I am not a fan of ANY PM drive radio 'cept ATC on NPR.

My take?

"Live" as in not tape delayed...
When you are hearing it...someone is actually saying it....at that moment.
Unsimilar to Dr. Laura, Art Bell, The Connection re-runs, etc.

"Local" as in not syndicated...
What you hear is someone delivering a program for the purpose of ONE
Unlike syndie shows that are being put together for the purpose of stringing
together many stations at once.
The question is.....is the content being generated solely for that station,
that market.
(Unlike the connection "Let's take a call from Watertown MASSACHUSETTS")

In this day and age, does it really matter where someone is sitting when
they do they show?

Would it matter if Howie Carr was doing a show while on vacation in LA for a
week?  Or do a week from the NAB convention?  Or did his show while visiting
family in Chapel Hill, NC?  (Or in the back of a cab for that matter?)

Howie is a "Boston Guy" and I don't think that where he is sitting at 3PM
really has any bearing on his understanding of the issues....who he can
contact...who he has as guests...his research, etc.

            ...short of the image that he sits in the same traffic that we
all do.  :-)

Just my $.02


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