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Globe: Severin live but not local

Alex Beam's column in today's Globe states that--
shock, horror!-- WTKK's Jay Severin actually does
his show from New York City over phone lines:


First of all, it should be noted that the Globe
and Severin and not exactly best buddies. There have
been columns by Joan Vennochi, Jack Thomas, and now
Beam criticizing him (using terms like "the nutty
right"), and Severin was not crazy about a Clea
Simon piece on him which began with, "Jay Severin
is not a racist, he says". Severin has skewered
the Globe (and also the Phoenix's Dan Kennedy) in

Second, I'd think it's not uncommon for someone to
"not be in the studio" even though you'd think
they were. Brudnoy did his show from his apartment
after getting out of the hospital; I think Pat
Whitley did some of his "Restaurant Show"s from his
house, and when Darlene McCarthy and Lori Kramer
were WRKO's "Divas", following Howie Carr, McCarthy
was in the 'RKO studios while Kramer was doing her
part from her New York City apartment, via the
phone line. 

Beam was just getting at 'TKK for using the line
"live and local", I'd guess.

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