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Re: William Pierce of WCRB

I have a bunch of blank 8-tracks for occasional use in my studio. If I need
a continuous sound effect/whatever in the background (thunder, rain, crowd
noise, etc.), where less than professional or broadcast quality is
acceptable, 8T's work fine. The sound from my units is more than adequate
and that's great when you don't have the bucks for the equipment the pro's


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> On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Hakim Madjid wrote:
> > Yea I remember those devices, you patched them into your antenna line,
> > tuned your existing AM radio to around 1400Khz to listen in.
> >
> There were also some that were built into a  case that you stuck into your
> 8-track player/AM radio unit.  The dial and tuning knob were built into
> the front part of the "cartridge"  These were sold through Radio Shack's
> catalogues as late as 1991.  I remmeber because they were still selling
> blank 8-track cartridges and the adapters for playing cassettes through
> 8-track players.
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