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RE: William Pierce of WCRB

Yea I remember installing one of those FM converter boxes in my parent's car
back then because they complained that they no longer could get WCRB on
1330. However, I got my FM converter from Lafayette (remember them?) instead
of Radio Shack.

Yea I remember those devices, you patched them into your antenna line, and
tuned your existing AM radio to around 1400Khz to listen in.

A neighbor of mine at the time went to the extent of getting a new car with
an AM/FM radio so she could listen to 102.5.

As for my car at the time I already had an AM/FM radio in the dash so I
didn't need to do anything.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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The departure of WCRB from the AM dial eventually motivated me to buy an
FM converter at Radio Shack.  I remember parking my car partly on the
sidewalk in front of the apartment building where I lived and dangling
several connected extension cords from my window in order to solder the
connection of the converter to the fuse-box of my 1970 Dodge Dart.

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