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Re: William Pierce of WCRB

On 3 Jun 2001,  David W. Harris wrote:

> Another Herald article (9/8/75) from music critic Ellen Pfeifer lists
> September 29 as the intended change date with no "on or about"
> qualification and says classical will be simulcast on 1330 and 102.5
> weekdays 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m., with some additional simulcasting on
> weekends which may or may not include BSO concerts.  Anyone remember
> that?  I didn't live inside 1330's coverage area until the fall of 1976,
> at which point I remember WHET as a big band station, not as MOR with
> some blocks of classical.

Yes, I remember that, at first, WHET had separate programs part of the 
time and simulcasted part of the time.  Since I didn't have FM in my car 
at the time, I was disappointed at the change, and I was glad when I could 
find them simulcasting.

The departure of WCRB from the AM dial eventually motivated me to buy an 
FM converter at Radio Shack.  I remember parking my car partly on the 
sidewalk in front of the apartment building where I lived and dangling 
several connected extension cords from my window in order to solder the 
connection of the converter to the fuse-box of my 1970 Dodge Dart.

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