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Re: William Pierce of WCRB

Now, that you mention it, it probably WAS David
Ives! And of course we can all picture David in our
minds the way he often appeared during the Ch.
2 Auction, with that Bid! Bid! Bid! smock or whatever
one calls that bit of clothing...

I think the sign-off also used to mention that the
tranmitter was located in (Needham? Newton?) "by
arrangement with the Westinghouse Broadcasting
Company" or something like that.

--- "David W. Harris" <dwh@totalnetnh.net> wrote:
I remember not William Pierce but the
> distinct accent of
> David Ives as announcer, and I especially remember
> the way he
> overemphasized the "Y" when he said "in Springfield
> we operate
> WGB*Y*-TV."  I'm not saying that Mr. Pierce never
> did the signoff, just
> that I remember all the elements mentioned but with
> a different voice.

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