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Re: William Pierce of WCRB

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From: Dan Strassberg <Dan.Strassberg@att.net>
To: Hakim Madjid <HMadjid@mindspring.com>
Date: Saturday, June 02, 2001 2:40 PM
Subject: Re: William Pierce of WCRB

>I came to Boston in early June of 1956 and 1330 was classical then. In
>I believe that the FM was already on the air and was transmitting from the
>studio/AM TX site at 750 South St in Waltham. But WCRB had begun, probably
>around 1947, as a (500W, I think) daytimer on 1330 and I don't think it
>became classical until several years later. Then it added night service (1
>kW DA-2), then added the FM (first from Waltham, later from the WBZ-TV
>tower, and now from FM-128), then increased to 5 kW-D/1 kW-N DA-2, and then
>to 5 kW-U DA-2.
>In 1976, after co-channel WHAZ Troy NY gave up sharing time with two New
>York City stations and became a daytimer, WCRB (AM)'s old three-tower array
>(which protected WHAZ as well as the two New York City stations) was taken
>down and replaced by the current two-tower top-loaded array at the same
>site. By then, the AM was no longer WCRB (AM) but was nostalgia WHET,
>it was still owned by Charles River Broadcasting.
>Later on, in the late 80s (probably while 1330 was still county WDLW or
>maybe after it had become WRCA--with its idealistic and commercially
>disastrous radio comedy arts format), the New York City stations moved from
>a Staten Island TX site and a DA pattern that sent a huge signal toward
>Boston, to the WWDJ site 25 or so miles further north in Hackensack NJ,
>using a pattern that favors the southeast. That was a big break for the
>local 1330 because it significantly reduced co-channel interference at
>night, giving the former WCRB (AM) fairly respectable nighttime coverage.
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>Date: Saturday, June 02, 2001 12:31 PM
>Subject: RE: William Pierce of WCRB
>>So he was with WCRB in the early days. What format did WCRB broadcast, I
>>thought WCRB was classical music from the very beginning. I remember back
>>the 60s WCRB simulcast 1330 and 102.5. It was sometime in the mid 70s that
>>WCRB dropped the 1330 operation if I remember correctly.