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Best 'graveyard' In My Experience

Lately it was suggested that AM 1490 in Portland, ME
has the best 'graveyard' signal coverage in New 
England at least.  While I was stationed at 
McChord AFB just south of Tacoma, WA, I determined
that the station now known as KSUH in Puyallup, WA
at 1450 khz was the best Class IV that I have 
experienced.  It has a TALL tower for its frequency
and is listed in Elliott as 201 degrees.  Although
about 10 miles east of Tacoma, it came in fine in
that city while driving around days, and I could 
receive it in my room on-base at night.  Unlike the 
situation between Newburyport, MA and Concord, NH
and 1230s in Salem and Woostah, 1450  in Puyallup 
was a bit quiet.
I was an antenna-hunter then;  I don't recall a 
station on 1450 for miles N, S or W and the the
Cascades loomed  to the east providing daytime 
terrain shielding.

Laurence Glavin

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