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RE: William Pierce of WCRB

So he was with WCRB in the early days. What format did WCRB broadcast, I
thought WCRB was classical music from the very beginning. I remember back in
the 60s WCRB simulcast 1330 and 102.5. It was sometime in the mid 70s that
WCRB dropped the 1330 operation if I remember correctly.

Regarding William Pierce, he was one of those people that I took for granted
for many years as the voice of the BSO/Pops/Tanglewood. Sort of like
Boston's own version of Milton Cross, in a way.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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But before he came to work at WGBH, he was an announcer at WCRB... before
it was classical, when it was only AM 1330.

Rob Landry