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RE: some "Lost 45s"...

 Lou wrote:
>I didn't think that WOLD was perceived to be too much of a problem as a
>hit...  It seemed like everyone was playing it at the time.

I do recall hearing a Dickie Goodman-style "break-in" record that sampled
that one...the "W" was beeped.

>How about the more recent hit "AM Radio," by Everclear, which starts with
>the Drake jingle of "KHJ Los Angeles," followed by a fake disclaimer.  It's
>got a great 70's nostalgic feel with "Mr. Big Stuff" sampled all over it.
>I've only heard it played on WXRV, The River, complete with jingle and all.
>I'd imagine that giving PD's bigtime fits.

Most stations play the single edit, where that part is edited off.