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RE: some "Lost 45s"...

Hi Tony:

I got the 45 single, the LP and the MP3 of that one.  I remember WMEX-1510
and WHEB 100.3 playing the ENTIRE LP of that great classic.  RKO picked up
the single version.  Great Tune!


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Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> <snip>...
> > "American City Suite" by Cashman and West.
> >The loooong version.   I used to know all the words. Do you guys
> >remember that one?
> As one who is pretty good at this thing...I can't remember that one.
> How does it go?  Can you humm a few bars?  ;-)
> (Better yet, can we get the MP3?)

Yes, the MP3 has been floating around on the Internet.
Search on either the artist name or the title.

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